Service bundles or bespoke package?

At DDPA we understand that times are tough, and certainty and clarity can be hard to find. We also know that when you are flying in a storm it is not time to cut the engines. Visibility, strength, and continued drive are essential. So, to make things easier, more predictable and more transparent we have created some new methods that allow you to purchase the additional services that you and your organisation need to support your activities.

As well as continuing to offer our fully bespoke, tailored package of services and support DDPA is pleased to introduce our new service bundles. Service bundles allow you to purchase blocks of our time on a monthly basis, in 5-hour increments, for pre-defined, transparent prices. What you use your time for is entirely dependent on what best suits your needs, whether that’s work on an ongoing project, additional communications support, or developing a new programme. And what’s more, the more you spend the more you save.


5 hours

€700 pm

10 hours

€1300 pm

15 hours

€1800 pm

20 hours

€2200 pm


Naturally, there are some conditions; time cannot be transferred or accrued; payment is in advance and is non-refundable. All our time worked on your behalf is logged through visible timesheets with 30 mins being the smallest usable block.

So, if you’re looking to augment your activities and stand out from the crowd in these tough times get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your public relations and communications needs.