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Service Bundles or Bespoke Package?

As well as offering a fully bespoke service package that can be designed to your specific requirements and financing, it is also possible to purchase service bundles. Our service bundles offer you a clear, cost-effective way to augment your capabilities and develop your potential.

Our service bundles*:

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*Hours can be composed of any of our services. Hours are per month and are non-refundable, and may not be accumulated or transferred. Timesheets are used to monitor work hours, 30 mins minimum division.

Our Services

Public & patient outreach

Trending watching

Creating and maintaining a good public reputation is a complex and strategic process requiring effort and expertise. Without an effective public relations strategy you are unlikely to be able to reach your target audience and much less to influence their opinion and decisions.

We work with some of the biggest brands and organisations of all sizes to offer a personalised service, whether representing you at essential public and private events, or communicating your messages through multiple channels, we can deliver on your requirements.

Public affairs
& government relations

A key aspect of any successful business is analysing and keeping abreast of the latest legislation and regulations. Political and institutional developments at national, European and international levels, have led to a growing need among organisations for advice and guidance to make sure their voice is heard by the right people in the right way.

Whether it’s communicating with legislators, participating in official consultations, or applying for licences all require knowledge of the political decision-making process and regulatory framework. We help you to navigate the complex multi-stakeholders environment to enable you to operate efficiently, develop and grow.

Media relations

There is much more to media relations than merely sending out press releases. Contacts need to be made and relationships nurtured to ensure that your message is stands out from the crowd. Content needs to be compelling, engaging and ‘on message’.

Utilising our excellent relationships with journalists and other media players built up over many years, skilful delivery of the right message in the right way to your target stakeholders will properly position your products, opinions and go-to expertise.

Full service communications

DDPA provides a full range of communication services so that you can stay in touch with anyone who has an interest in your organisation – staff, patients, clients, decision makers, the general public to name a few. Whether it be utilising social media and relationships with opinion formers, new media technology, developing communications strategies, employing traditional media channels, creating publications or online content, communicating internally, newsletter publication, and stakeholder events we have you covered.
We can help you to reinforce your messages, vision and values, and create a favourable image for your organisation, its management, activities, products and services.

Reputation management

The general public has never been so vocal or had so many tools at its disposal enabling them to write reviews on everything from their doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals to the products and services they use. Losing your reputation can happen in the blink of an eye (or in a tweet), regaining it can be difficult and costly.

We can proactively measure opinion to see how you are perceived by the public, patients and your stakeholders focusing on the protection, enhancement and management of your reputation, and provide guidance on how your manage and robustly support your reputation.

Brand marketing

Whether launching a brand or trying to reinvigorate an old one, there are a number of rules to brand marketing which can help lead to success. Brand marketing is one of the most important factors in determining whether a brand succeeds or fails. There’s no point having a great product or service if nobody knows about it.

We provide you with indepth research of your target market, competitors and rival brands in the marketplace to identify your brand positioning and marketing strategy. We propose the necessary methods that allows you brand to succeed.

Media monitoring & trend watching

At DDPA we can provide an analysis of media coverage in the press, TV, radio, online and social media including a summary of press articles, clippings and complete evaluation of media coverage of a campaign or event.

We measure the effectiveness of media campaigns, assess your reputation, monitor what is being said about you and by whom and, equally important, what it is not being said. Collectively this analysis will inform your media strategy and positioning.

We also are actively engaged in monitoring the latest sectoral trends, such as patient evolution, or value-based healthcare, ensuring that you stay informed and ahead of the crowd.